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Workwear clothing

Workwear is items of clothes that are specifically worn for work, especially if your job role includes manual labour. If your job does involve working with the trade industry, then workwear is usually required to protect you and your safety.

Workwear clothing

Workwear retailers

There is a range of retailers to choose from when considering purchasing workwear and due to the workwear clothing industry expanding; in the near future, there will be more. Therefore, when selecting your workwear clothing supplier make sure you do your research. This includes:

  • Comparing prices on different websites to ensure you are getting the best possible deal
  • Do your research into the company to guarantee they are genuine and that you will receive what you are paying for

Advantages of ordering workwear online

If you have to visit a store and purchase your order manually then that is fine also, however ordering personalised workwear clothing online saves time and maybe even your money. Most companies will remember your order if you make an account, in case you would like to re-order your purchase.

Once you have ordered online you will also get the option to sign up to the retailers mailing list and they will inform you of all the deals and offers that they have on in a selected time period.

Purchasing workwear online offers the flexibility to order it wherever you are, whatever time is convenient to you, with no rush to visit the store before closing times.

Dressing for work

Your work wardrobe is going to solely depend on the industry, company, climate and region you work with or for and therefore everyone’s workwear will be different. However your clothing will be based on what your job role includes and whether you are working in an office or completing manual labour on a construction site for example.

Choosing a 3.5 Ton Horsebox

Having a safe way of transporting horses is essential if you want to comply with current road laws. Using a horsebox is an ideal way of transporting horses as they are easy to use and don’t require any towing car.

There are different license categories when it comes to using vehicles for horse transport. Each license grants the user the ability to drive vehicles at varying weights. For example, a Category C1 license entitles you to drive a vehicle between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes without a trailer.

A 3.5-tonne horsebox is about the size of an average van and is perfect for one or two horses along with some equipment. This is a popular choice for amateurs and are quite often seen at horse shows around the country.

The standard car driving license is classed as a Category B this is what most people currently possess. A vehicle being driven on this license cannot weigh more than 3.5 tonnes MAM (maximum authorised mass).

Buying a 3.5 ton horsebox can be complicated as there are many available as well as a long list of customisation options. Living quarters and storage are just some of the options which can be added to these horseboxes.

A horsebox is usually based on a pre-existing van chassis from a donor vehicle. These vans can either be new or used depending on your budget.

Although these horseboxes are usually cheap to run there are a few costs worth considering. As with all vehicles tax, insurance and an MOT will be the biggest outlays when running a horsebox. Servicing is also another cost; this should be done every year to ensure your horsebox runs in perfect condition.

To conclude buying a 3.5-ton horsebox is a cost-effective way of transporting horses to shows. This type of horsebox is still easily manoeuvrable around tight country roads and villages due to them being the same size as a medium van.

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